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Event: International Tourism Sustainability Conference 2011

Venue: Mauritius

Organized by: Jointly by the University of Technology Mauritius and INTOUR (Institute for Tourism Research) at the University of Bedfordshire.

Date: 9/21/2011


Contact Person: NA

Email: NA

Details: Within the three sub-themes, the conference organizers welcome academic papers relating to but not exclusively limited to tourismís relationship with:
Sustainable Development
- Policy and governance
- Conservation
- Protected Area Management
- Environmental Economics
- Environmental Ethics
- Heritage
- Management Practices
- Marketing
- Consumer Behaviour
- Hospitality Management
- Gender Empowerment
- Disaster and Crisis Management
Climate Change
- Policy and governance
- Environmental impacts
- Aviation and Transport
- Influence on patterns of tourism supply and demand
- Practices of mitigation
- Carbon trading and emissions reduction targets
- Environmental footprints
- Impacts on regional development
- Changing patterns of consumer behaviour
- Environmental attitudes and ethics
Poverty Reduction
- Effectiveness of tourism as a tool for poverty
- reduction
- Stakeholder understandings of tourism and poverty
- Models of poverty reduction and tourism
- Barriers to the integration of the poor in tourism industry
- Strategies for inclusion of the poor in the tourism industry
- Community Development
- Corporate Social Responsibility
- Role of Stakeholders

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