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Author: Gudelia Saporna, Ryan Claveria

ISBN: ISBN-10: 3846541796


Publisher: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing

Edition: September 14, 2012

Price: $102

Pages: 240

REVIEW: Economic Driver of Development, Southeast Asian Experience is a vital reading for those seeking to understand the experiences of Southeast Asian Countries in the context of tourism. The text is divided into two parts. Part 1 includes an overview of tourism. Part 2 on the other hand, explores the experiences of the Asian countries. The major areas addressed in part 2 are:
a.) Country Profile. This includes discussion of the culture, geography, population, religion and economy of a particular country.
b.) Tourism industry in Asia. This part covers the status of the tourism sector, policies implemented, programs and projects launched to promote the country as a tourist destination.
c.) Tourism as a driver of economic development. This part focuses on the impacts of tourism sector to gross domestic product and employment.
d.) Tourism statistics per country. This portion gives a picture of the performance of a country through discussion of some tourism indicators. Further, this section shows the growth and competitiveness of the tourism industry.
e.) Top tourist destinations of a country. This topic explores the top tourist destination of a particular country.

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