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Author: Susan L. Slocum, Carol Kline and Andrew Holden

ISBN: 978-0-415-74817-9


Publisher: Routledge

Edition: 2015

Price: USD 155

Pages: 194

REVIEW: Scientific Tourism: Researchers as Travelers edited by Susan L. Slocum, Carol Kline and Andrew Holden (2015, Routledge, Contemporary Geographies of Leisure, Tourism and Mobilities series) is a new addition to the literature considering the mobilities of the researcher, and the contribution of these mobilities to; the development of scientific knowledge, the negative externalities associated with required transport, engagement with communities and so on. While the term ‘scientific tourism’ has had some limited use in academic literature, usually with connotations of sustainable tourism, yet Slocum et al. present a different conceptualisation of ‘researchers as travellers’. In chapter one, Holden notes that the focus of the book is on “the interaction of science and tourism two phenomena that have significant ramifications for global society acting as instigators of economic, social, cultural and economic change”. Nevertheless, this book fills a clear gap in the market, and poses a range of important questions for scientists to consider. Further, it raises consciousness to the impacts of scientific tourism and the need for scientists to be cognisant of the implications of in-the-field practices.

  Reviewed By: Debbie Hopkins, University of Otago
Issue: V5N2
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