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Author: Heather Nair [Editor] and Jennifer Sumner [Editor]


ISBN13: 978-1-138-90312-8

Publisher: Routledge

Edition: 2015

Price: USD 161.73

Pages: 138

REVIEW: Food and leisure is compilation of seven interesting papers regarding ‘food’ with an introduction by the editors Mair and Sumner that unpack the background into the field of food studies. The editors do an excellent job of displaying the complexities of food studies in their choice of citations that speak to the interdisciplinary nature of food not just for fuel. Food studies offer critical constructive approaches to issues within food, food systems and sustainability factors. As a chef/academic I was intrigued with the paper by Namie and Warne “‘Just’ Desserts: an interpretive analysis of sports nutrition marketing” that investigate the processes of social construction of food. The paper argues how food, specifically sport nutrition, is sold to those who are physically active justify consuming food and drink containing salt, sugar and carbohydratesare convinced they are now ‘athletes’ like the ones used in the marketing advertising.

  Reviewed By: Bill J Gregorash, NA
Issue: V5N2
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