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Author: John Cousins, David Foskett, Cailein Gillespie

ISBN: 9788131701348


Publisher: Pearson Education

Edition: 2010

Price: NA

Pages: 329

REVIEW: The textbook of Food and Beverage Management has been updated and revised to take account of current trends within the hospitality industry. In particular the consideration of food and Beverage operations is clearly set within a broader business framework, with greater consideration being given to the management of food service operations within a changing business environment.
The underlying thinking behind much of this text relies on the application of a systems approach to the management of operations. The text proposes systematic approach to the design, planning and control of food and beverage operations, and also recognizes the need to manage food service operations as operating systems. The book considers a food and beverage operation as comprising three distinct but interlinked operating systems: food production, food and beverage service as a delivery system, and food and beverage service as a customer process system. The component part of three systems is examined, as well as the linkages between them, and also how these together create a food and beverage operations.
The key features of the book includes that it is written in a clear, user friendly and structured manner. Each chapter is added with learning support in the form of learning outcomes and a chapter summary.

  Reviewed By: Atul Gupta, Institute of Hotel management and catering Technology, Bhopal
Issue: V1N1_and_V1N2

Author: Davis, B., Lockwood, A., Alcott, P., Pantelidis, I.

ISBN: 978-0-415-50690-8 (hbk)978-0-08-096670-0 (pbk) 978-0-08-096671-7 (ebk)


Publisher: Routledge

Edition: Fifth

Price: USD 45.80

Pages: 385

REVIEW: Food and beverage management by Davis et al is a comprehensive text for hospitality curriculums and food management courses. The book is organized well in twelve chapters and includes multiple teaching and learning resources including a list of the over 100 figures, over forty tables, plus prefaces and acknowledgments that include multiple food and beverage companies that contributed in some way to the book and a healthy variety of colorful and relevant photographs.

  Reviewed By: Robert M. O’Halloran, School of Hospitality Leadership, East Carolina University
Issue: V4N1
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