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Author: Dorina Maria Buda

ISBN: 1138822469


Publisher: Routledge

Edition: NA

Price: USD 112.51

Pages: 214

REVIEW: Dark tourism, or tourism in dangerous places is a common scenario in today’s world, especially in the Middle East, where conflicts are swelling and could break out at any minute. On the other hand, this special region is one of the most historical and cultural regionsto visit in the world. Over thousands of years diverse cultures settled down and build their cities and monuments, which are a must to see. In this background, the book of DorinaMaria Buda explain the excitements and trouble of visitors to discover the region of Jordan, Palestina and Iraq. Through her self-discovery and interviews of tourists and government officials she draws a clear and fascinating diary of discovering dark tourism.
So how to manage the tourism in this region? The fear of war and violent conflicts make the decision to visit the region of Middle East a difficult one. The book is looking into different pairs of glasses to discover and explain the idea of how to manage tourism and tourist in the region…..

  Reviewed By: Dr. phil. Christian Kahl, Taylor’s University
Issue: V6N1
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