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International Journal of
Hospitality and Tourism
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Double Blind Peer Reviewed
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Paper Type: Double Blind Peer Reviewed Papers
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Training Needs Analysis: A Comparative Study of Private Sector Vs Public Sector Hotels in Chandigarh. V1N1_and_V1N2 Abstract | Full Paper
Applying Data Mining to Customer Segmentation in the Full-Service Restaurant Business. V1N1_and_V1N2 Abstract | Full Paper
Nature-based Tourism Development in Peripheral Areas, Its Present Status, Impact And Problems – A Study Of North Bengal (INDIA). V1N1_and_V1N2 Abstract | Full Paper
What prompts a Hotel Employee to Stay on their present job? A Study on Five Star Hotels in Bangalore. V1N1_and_V1N2 Abstract | Full Paper
The Effects of Personality Traits on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment of Club Méditerranée’s gracious Organizers. V1N1_and_V1N2 Abstract | Full Paper
Marketing Business Tourism in Suburban Areas V2N1 Abstract | Full Paper
Linking Online Communication Strategies to Destinations’ Performance: An Explorative Analysis V2N1 Abstract | Full Paper
Manager’s and Consumer’s Perceptions of the UK ‘Grey’ Market International Package Holiday Experience V2N1 Abstract | Full Paper
Tour Operators’ Customer Information versus Rendering Expected Customer Experiences V2N1 Abstract | Full Paper
Evaluation of Tourism Destination Products by Consumers. Theoretical model V2N1 Abstract | Full Paper
Service Quality in Hotels: The Case of Coastal Spa Hotels in Slovenia V2N1 Abstract | Full Paper
Evaluation of Japan as a Tourist Destination -Case of East Asian People Who Have Been to Japan V2N1 Abstract | Full Paper
The Spiritual Dimension of Heritage Buildings V2N2 Abstract | Full Paper
Binding Culture and Tourism through Literature: The potential of Literary Tourism. V2N2 Abstract | Full Paper
Implementation and Evaluation in Tourism - An exploration of bottom-up community planning V2N2 Abstract | Full Paper
Liberalization Syndrome in Transmuting the Casual Sites into Captivating Destinations, India. V2N2 Abstract | Full Paper
A study on factors affecting job satisfaction among employees in hotel industry-With reference to categorized hotels in Faridabad. V2N2 Abstract | Full Paper
Tourism Destination Branding: A Conceptual Approach V3N1 Abstract | Full Paper
Cromagnon (Cromañón) and Dark Tourism: The Principle of Uncertainty V3N1 Abstract | Full Paper
Measuring Multiple Senses in Customer Experiences – The Amusement Park Case V3N1 Abstract | Full Paper
Challenges and Opportunities of Timeshare in India V3N1 Abstract | Full Paper
Development of Health and Wellness Centre at Manipal – Significant Factors V3N1 Abstract | Full Paper
Potential of Rural Tourism in the State of Jharkhand V3N1 Abstract | Full Paper
General Managers of Five Star Hotels in Beijing: Selection Criteria V3N2 Abstract | Full Paper
Regional Insights of Culinary Tourism in Mexico: Cooking Schools in Oaxaca V3N2 Abstract | Full Paper
Exploring the Influence of Demographic Factors on perceived Service Recovery Fairness: Evidence from Wuhan, China V3N2 Abstract | Full Paper
Events and Tourism: The role of (Imagineering) Events in Local Community self-actualisation in small territories. The case of Haiti V3N2 Abstract | Full Paper
New developments in the Relationship between Tourism Policy and Local Economic Development in the United Kingdom V3N2 Abstract | Full Paper
Understanding shifts in 3s destination tourist preferences: an importance –performance analysis (ipa) of punta cana, dominican republic V4N1 Abstract | Full Paper
Philosophical texts on travels: chronicles and testimonies of travelers V4N1 Abstract | Full Paper
Nationality matters? analysis of passengers’ preferences for in-flight catering V4N1 Abstract | Full Paper
Social Entrepreneurship as a tool for promoting global citizenship in island V4N2 Abstract | Full Paper
Can perception on safety in travelling be improved by host country’s special safety programme? V4N2 Abstract | Full Paper
Green Hotels for Sustainable Tourism V4N2 Abstract | Full Paper
Gastronomy Tourism as a tool to promote tourist destination V4N2 Abstract | Full Paper
Evaluating the Best Price Guarantee Policy in Online Distribution Channels: The case of Hong Kong Hotels V5N1 Abstract | Full Paper
Homestays in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh: Guests’ Motivation AND Satisfaction V5N1 Abstract | Full Paper
Impact of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Case of a chain Hotel in Iran V5N1 Abstract | Full Paper
Growing Popularity of Convenience Food Market in India: Identifying the Reasons for Purchase Amongst the Customers in Solan City (H.P.) V5N2 Abstract | Full Paper
Tourism: It’s Socio Economic and Cultural Impacts with Sustainability Concept V5N2 Abstract | Full Paper
Exploring service recovery strategies to customer complaints via social media applied in hotels in Hong Kong V6N1 Abstract | Full Paper
Exploring students academic motivation in Tourism and Hospitality higher education programs in Egypt -an application of the self-determination theory V6N1 Abstract | Full Paper
Small and medium enterprises engagement in tourism and hospitality sector of Lagos State Nigeria, benefits and constraints V6N2 Abstract | Full Paper
An assessment of employee empowerment practice in hotels: comparison of India and New Zealand V6N2 Abstract | Full Paper
Non-equity entry modes in the hotel industry: a transaction cost economics and resource-based view approach V6N2 Abstract | Full Paper
Community involvement and lead user behaviour: the case of freestyle snowboarders V7N1_and_V7N2 Abstract | Full Paper